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 The term “luxury eyewear” extends beyond the aesthetics of the frame. Optical lenses are the heart of each pair of glasses, providing eyeglasses wearers with the gift of sight. When investing in a pair of glasses, it’s important to invest in quality lenses. Optical quality in lenses equates to optical clarity, and it is because of this belief that we only carry camera-quality lenses by Zeiss and Pentax.

 The Zeiss name coincides with value and greatness, thus, the reason that we offer the best lenses available. Whether it is a single vision lens or a progressive lens, Zeiss has a lens for everyone.

 Progressive lenses can be a tricky habit to master, but Zeiss takes the guess work out of finding that sweet spot. Standard progressive lenses are designed to enhance the field of vision as well as reduce distortion. Zeiss stays current with all the frame trends, to ensure that progressive lenses can accommodate all lens shapes.

 Zeiss lenses offer cutting edge technology with free-form progressive. This latest addition in technology provides wearers with less peripheral distortion and a wider field of vision. Free-form progressive lenses provide high-definition vision.

 The ultimate in free-form technology is embedded in the Zeiss Individual, which is a 100% customized lens. The Individual is designed for both progressive and single vision lenses. Unlike most lenses, this free-form lens takes into account where the frame sits upon the face, how close it is to the eye, and the tilt and wrap of the frame. Our faces are not generic, so why should our lenses be? To prove just how custom each lens is, Zeiss will personalize your lenses with your initials. The initials are hidden within the lens, but when the lens is placed in water, the initials are exposed.

 Pentax lenses are used for those requiring only a single vision lens. Each pair of lenses comes with an oliophobic and hydrophobic anti-reflective coating. There’s great news for glasses wearers with a high prescription, Pentax now offers a 1.74 high index plastic lens. This provides you with the thinnest possible lens that is available.

 Premium coatings, such as Teflon and Pure Coat anti-reflective coatings, offer the clearest lenses available with the least amount of chromatic aberration. Pure Coat is the newest anti-reflective coating offering a reduced static attraction. Both Teflon and Pure Coat are oliophobic and hydrophobic coatings, which simply means they provide you with a cleaner, smudge-free lens.

 The newest generation of Transitions is available. Now they turn darker faster in direct UV light, and turn clear faster indoors.