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Luxury Eyewear

Jewelry – quality eyewear offers the ultimate in style and excellence. Our exclusive lines include: Maybach, Rolf, Blac, David Yurman, Chrome Hearts, and Fred, each with their own signature ornamentation. Custom made-to-order frames are available in solid gold and with diamonds.

Maybach Eyewear – designed to distinguish. Maybach has been synonymous with German luxury and quality since the introduction of the Maybach W3 in Berlin in 1921. With Daimler Benz’s reintroduction of the Maybach line of luxury Mercedes the brand has reappeared with a full line of luxury accessories hand crafted in Germany. The sunglasses and prescription eyewear incorporate the most costly materials and require the most skilled workmanship: exotic woods, horn, leathers, carbon fiber, titanium, gold and platinum. They are truly the most perfect and distinguishing glasses available today!

Rolf is an exciting new line of all wood eyewear from Austria. Wood is an emerging trend in eyewear and nobody does it better than Rolf; seriously, don’t buy wood eyewear without first seeing Rolf! Creating their own laminates of Bog Oak, Tineo, Maple, Walnut and other hard woods, and taking design inspiration from classic American and European cars, they hand craft a light, comfortable, adjustable, and natural yet impressive accessory that will leave you feeling great!

Blac by Bellinger is the first fully carbon fiber frame on the market. The result is a fabulous looking frame that makes a statement while remaining light, strong and sporting!

David Yurman, the very recognizable American jewelry designer, incorporates his famous characteristics throughout each frame. Onyx, Citrine, Moon Stone, Safire, and many more semi precious stones are cushioned within sterling silver and gold vermeil adornments. Frames that lack bejewels make up for it in premium karat gold and palladium plating. For ultimate optical quality, men’s sunglasses carry Zeiss lenses with a backside anti-reflective coating. Your eyes reach great luxury with each pair of David Yurman optical frames and sunglasses.

Chrome Hearts appeals to the inner rock star but maintains a superior level of class. Sterling silver, leather, and mahogany wood adorn the edgy frames, and on certain styles, gold plating and gold filled ornaments can be found. Chrome Hearts uses top quality materials, and has recently added Zeiss lenses to all of the sunglasses. For those looking for a little extra glitz, diamonds and semi-precious stones can be ordered on a select few models. Luxury and edginess converge when profanity is cleverly engraved within the sterling silver and mahogany wood.

Fred is a classic and timeless line offering conservative pieces that can be found with either gold or palladium plating. Pearls offer a dainty element for a woman looking for that elegant and sophisticated pair of glasses. Leather, Onyx, and buffalo horn make up many of the temples for men’s frames. Diamonds cultivate a polished charm on various frames for both men and women. Class and elegance reign throughout the Fred eyewear collection.